What is E.S.E.?

Every experience, physical or psychological, leaves information in the structure of a living being. Julia Neumeister has a unique empathic ability to sense energetic blockages in living beings. She understands each horse by identifying the correlations between physical appearance and psychological causes. Symptoms like pain or tenseness in the horse will be mirrored in Julia’s body and their location can be precisely identified. The remarkable fact: Julia Neumeister is able to draw these stress fields out of the horse and resolve them. She draws the energetic tensions in to her hands and disposes of them, which is audible for everyone. The horse visibly relaxes and the natural circulation of body fluids and life energy can be restored. Julia Neumeister can address stowages on an emotional level. She can resolve them and channel them out with a palpable tingling sensation. Through the direct impact on emotional stress fields, the course is set for a deep healing. Sensitive observers will experience these processes in their own bodies.


Julia Neumeister was born in 1967 in Lower Saxony and moved to Berlin at age four. Already during her toddler years, her parents became aware of some unusual energetic phenomena. Julia herself is eleven years old when she first becomes aware of her mental capabilities. At age 16 she starts to be scared of her own skills and turns consciously towards a rational interpretation of life. Only as an adult does she begin to engage constructively with her unique ability. In 1999 she leaves Berlin, together with her brother, the photographer Jan Kohlrusch, to start a new life on the island of Mallorca. With the relocation to Spain Julia can fully access her energetic gift. Her highly sensitive observations, which seemed threatening in the past, are now filled with meaningful content. Her spiritual development matures soon after her acceptance of her unique capability. Julia’s daughter Lina is born in 2003 and Julia works as an enerkinetist since 2006. Today she lives with her daughter in Berlin.


To provide you an overview of a possible treatment plan, the Wegbereiter offer an introductory examination (anamneses). You gain insight into the existing issues, the connection between psychological and physical problems and the Wegbereiter will demonstrate through an initial treatment how your horse reacts to this powerful approach. In addition we will discuss realistic solutions and healing processes. Should you decide to start treatment with us, we will provide an estimate of the extent of the treatment. Initially Julia Neumeister will work with the equine. Following Julia’s work, Henry Sandkuhle will help the horse to re-learn correct movement and behavior patterns. The Wegbereiter have been successful in solving a majority of issues and in setting a positive course of healing for the equine.

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