The E.S.E. CONCEPT by Julia Neumeister 

E.S.E. short for Emotional Systemic Enerkinesis is a revolutionary healing method developed by Julia Neumeister.
E.S.E. enables her to instantly initiate the natural healing process on horses & humans.
E.S.E. is indicated for any kind of physical or psychological disorder.


E.S.E. CONCEPT coach

Julia Neumeister studied over 1000 horses since 2004. She treats a wide variety of illnesses and specializes in traumatized horses, horses with significant behavior issues and sick & injured horses.

Her clients range from private horse owners all the way to internationally successful competitive riders.

Every experience, no matter if it is physical or psychological, leaves information in the organisms of living beings. Since body and mind can not be seen as separate, the treatment works holistically.

Julia Neumeister has a unique empathic ability to sense energetic blockages in living beings. She does not employ any known healing method, but exclusively trusts her inherent ability, which she uses intuitively during each treatment session. She understands each horse by identifying the correlations between physical appearance and psychological causes. Symptoms, like pain or tenseness in the horse, will be mirrored in Julia’s body and their location can be precisely identified.

The remarkable fact: Julia Neumeister is able to draw these emotional stress fields out of the horse. In order to do this, she draws the energetic tensions in to her hands and disposes of them, which is audible for everyone. The existing tension discharges with a crackling in her fingers, comparable to a low voltage discharge. The horse reacts immediately to the treatment and visibly relaxes. The natural circulation of body fluids and life energy is being restored and will activate the self healing process.

The Emotional-Systemic Enerkinesis, ESE, addresses layers of energy that are only accessible to Julia Neumeister. Through the direct impact on emotional stress fields, the course is set for a deep healing on the physical and psychological level. Sensitive observers will experience these processes in their own bodies.

Julia’s individualized approach results in extremely effective treatment for horses that shows amazing and long lasting outcomes.
Her treatment approach always includes the rider or owner of the horses. The treatment aims to be holistic and inclusive.

Julia Neumeister offers her E.S.E. concept treatment & coachings for people as well as for horses.
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